Presentation of the 2014 M.O.A.N. Report at Organic World Congress - Istanbul, Turkey - Wednesday 15th Oct 2014

The latest MOAN (Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network) report, published in Oct 2014, builds extensively on CIHEAM-Bari’s fifteen-year experience in the domain of Mediterranean Organic Agriculture and on MOAN’s participation in the activities of the EU 7FP OrganicDataNetwork project (grant agreement No. 289376).

The report reveals the latest available data on organic area and operators in the Mediterranean region with interesting insights into the key features, the recent facts and the most up-to-date figures of the national organic sector about six countries of the Network, namely three south Eastern Mediterranean countries, i.e. Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, and three EU Candidate and Potential Candidate countries, i.e., Albania, Serbia and Turkey.

Interestingly, this work is the product of fruitful and effective collaboration with public institutions, such as Ministries of Agriculture, Customs authorities and other country-specific agencies, and private actors, including control bodies and national organic associations.

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